Veterinary Surgery & Dentistry

Anesthesia We at Sano acknowledge that placing a loved companion under anesthesia can be scary. Rest assured that all of our anesthetic cases (approximately 15 to 20 per week) are handled in the most professional manner. Laboratory parameters are performed to evaluate the health of all patients prior to anesthesia. Patients receive proper analgesia and IV fluids for blood pressure support. Blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and EKG are monitored by highly trained, credentialed veterinary technicians with years of experience. Items in our protocols are not “optional” and are not “add-on expenses”. Our protocols are how we care for our patients with the highest level of expertise and concern.

Dentistry All technical personnel receive advanced training at the Colorado Pet Dental Training Center. Dental cleanings at Sano are performed with appropriate analgesia, sedation, and anesthesia. Dental radiography is used to identify hidden pathology and owners are consulted to discuss the most appropriate treatment given the patient’s age and lifestyle. At Sano we are dedicated to practicing ethically, and placing the safety of our patients at the forefront of all we do. As such we cannot recommend anesthesia-free dentistry. Every tooth has five exposed surfaces that cannot be cleaned unless the mouth is fully opened. Any dental scaling necessitates polishing as a final step to prevent the rapid re-accumulation of tartar and calculus. Open mouth cleaning and polishing cannot be done in an awake animal during anesthesia-free dentistry.
As we aim to stay at the forefront of medicine to protect our clients and patients, we recognize that anesthesia-free dentistry is illegal in Canada and numerous states in the U.S. as a fraudulent activity.

Soft-Tissue Surgery All surgery at Sano is performed in a positive-pressure surgery suite (to keep the germs out) following human-grade sterility practices. Our surgical table is adjustable for patients large and small. We have specialized heating equipment to ensure that your pets anesthesia runs smoothly and their well-being is our highest priority.

Orthopedic Surgery All bone and joint surgery at Sano is performed by Dr. Jennifer Fick, a board-certified surgical specialist. Fracture repairs and repairs of ACL injuries are the most frequent orthopedic surgeries at Sano but by no means are they the only procedures we are capable of. From arthroscopy to bone injuries of all kinds, you can find the best care here at Sano.