Canine Cannabis, What Do We Really Know?

As cannabis becomes legal in more and more states, and public opinion continues to shift towards acceptance of the use of cannabis for both medical and recreational use, many pet owners are using cannabis not only for their own medical conditions, but also for their pets’ conditions. Numerous companies are developing products for the small […] More

Dr. Watson, I presume…

Now that we are open seven days per week our staff is expanding! Sano Hospital for Animals is lucky and delighted to welcome Dr. James Watson. Dr. Watson brings a fascinating story in veterinary medicine to Sano. He began his career in the equine world treating Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds in Philadelphia and New Jersey. For […] More

For Love of My Mountain Town

Conifer, Colorado is a splendid place to be a vet. The community is a hotbed of dog (and cat) culture in a setting that can’t be beat for enjoying the company of furry companions. The caring attitudes of a small community towards pets and neighbors alike are an everyday marvel. I began practicing in Conifer […] More

When is Diarrhea an Emergency?

When is Diarrhea an Emergency? At my practice diarrhea is the number one most frequent call we handle for urgent care.  Not surprisingly, many cases of diarrhea are not serious at least to the pet.  But when a foul mess is made in the house it most definitely becomes an emergency to the humans involved. […] More