Ticks Be Gone! They creep and crawl. They cause a subtle tickle on your shin and the back of your neck. They do not differentiate between you and our furry friends. Following is a little background information on removing ticks, diseases carried by ticks and tick prevention products. Historically we do not see many ticks at our altitude […]

Furry Winter Safety: 4 Tips for When the Temperature Drops Providing cold weather needs for pets in the suburbs is usually easy; however, life in the rural mountains can present some unique challenges. Tip # 1: Sensitive Tootsies. Some dogs have cast-iron pads that can handle almost any tactile challenge, but most have their limits. Sand and road salt can both abrade and irritate pads […]

Common Sense Holiday Preparedness 1. Chocolate It’s no surprise we start the list with chocolate. It is well known that chocolate can be quite dangerous for dogs (and cats). This includes all forms including dark, white, milk chocolate and holiday treats containing cocoa powder. 2. Alcohol Cats are the more common culprits who will covertly imbibe from an unattended wine glass. […]