Veterinary Awards &

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)

Accredited Practice Founded in 1914 The American Animal Hospital Association sets the standard for excellence in small animal care. AAHA accreditation is earned by rigorous triennial inspections of all aspects of hospital administration, operations, and patient care. Sano earned accreditation in 1978.

American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP)

Certified Gold Level Cat-Friendly Practice Sano achieved gold level certification as a practice that provides separate waiting, examination, housing, and treatment facilities for our feline patients. The practice is designed to minimize exposure to the smells and noise of canine patients.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Level 1 Accreditation Dr. Palmini is accredited by the USDA to prepare interstate and international health certificates for the transport of companion animals.

PennHIP Radiographic Program

Dr. Palmini is certified through the University of Pennsylvania in the PennHIP radiographic technique to detect hip dysplasia in puppies as early as 16 weeks.

Vet-Stem® Stem Cell Therapy

Practitioner Certification